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Cialis Users Reviews

“I was diagnosed with BHP about six years ago. I had been having problems peeing and I developed ED soon after. Making love to my wife felt like a hard chore. My doctor prescribed me Cialis and so far I can say it has been my life saver. I no longer have to go to pee 3-4 times a night, and my ED is a thing of the past now.”



“I am 53 years old and suffering from type 2 diabetes. No so long ago I developed some erectile problems due to my diabetic condition, and this brought problems into my marriage because I could not have sex with my wife. I recently talked to my doctor about my condition and he prescribed me Cialis 10mg every other day. He assured me of its safety for people with diabetes. I have been using it now for two weeks and my confidence in bad is back! My wife and l are enjoying sex like a twenty year old couple. I highly recommend this for anyone suffering from ED. Of course, you need to consult your doctor first to be on the safe side. I’ve heard all ED drugs including Cialis have certain contraindications.”



“I am a happy woman and a sexually satisfied wife! My husband had an enlarged prostate and therefore suffered BHP and ED at the same time. Something tells me that the ED was mental and not caused by the enlarged prostrate. Anyway, we went to see a doctor and he prescribed him Cialis. The drug has helped with both BHP and ED. Now he can get a quick erection and is able to maintain it for a long time. Cialis really does wonders.”



“My urologist recommended Cialis after I had been suffering from BHP for several months. I take the dosage of 5 mg on a daily basis. It has worked great so far. Apart from having slight headaches once in a while, I can give it thumbs up!”



“Cialis worked magic for my erectile dysfunction. I am able to get a hard erection just a minute after stimulation, and I am able to keep my erection rock solid. Let me just say that I am a very happy man and I owe it all to this drug.”



“My boyfriend had been having anxiety attacks whenever we engaged in sex, and he could not keep an erection longer than 5 minutes. He purchased Cialis without a prescription in an online pharmacy. The drug started to work at the very first pill. The effect is pronounced and lasting. He can go two and sometimes even three times after taking just one pill. The only problem is the heat flashes that he keeps getting every time he takes the pill.”



“I have been using Cialis 5mg for my BHP for a while now and it has worked magic for me. No more problems urinating. I was a bit afraid of possible side effects, but my doctor told me they’re very unlikely if one uses low doses. And I have not felt any side effects of this drug indeed.”



“The doctor had prescribed it to me for my slack erections. A considerable improvement came immediately. However, the side effects were too severe for me. The back, neck and leg aches became too much and I could not do my usual work, so I had to stop using the drug. I have to admit, though, it really helped with my erections for the few weeks that I used it.”



“I am a healthy young man but I needed something that could help me light the fire in the bedroom. My doctor recommended me the minimal dose of Cialis (2.5mg) daily. My girlfriend says it was the best decision I have ever made! In all, I used it for 6 weeks. Now I have a normal sex life without the drug, but it helped me a lot at the time.”



“Having suffered from ED a few years, I tried many different drugs to try and improve my erections, but the solutions were either not effective enough or offering very temporary solutions. I discovered Cialis about three months ago and it has been amazing. Just one pill provides the effect for up to 36 hours. So I take the pill today to have sex and can still get a strong erection tomorrow. My only regret right now is that I did not discover it earlier. It would have saved my previous relationship.”



“I’m a man in my 40s and I only started using Cialis because I have a younger girlfriend and I was having trouble keeping up with her sexually. I use 10mg pills two or three times a week 30-40 minutes before intercourse. At first I tried the 20mg dosage but it turned out too strong for me; erections were too firm and felt a bit unnatural.”



“I know it may sound like a cliché but this drug has made life worth living for me. I had an enlarged prostrate so the toilet had become my best friend. Couldn’t sleep properly at night waking up to go to the toilet every 2-3 hours. Ever since I started using Cialis, the symptoms of my BHP have improved considerably. Now I habitually urinate no more than once a night.”