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Our Policies

Shipping Policy

All medications found on our site are manufactured by companies based in India. Since our drugs are shipped from there, it takes some time to deliver them. Usually, the delivery takes from 10 to 17 days, but this period may be extended for another 5 days.

In case of not receiving the package after the deadline, please let us know about the problem so that we could sort it out. More information about the shipment is available here.

Cancellation Policy

Canceling your order is possible, but it must be done only within the next 24 hours after submitting it. To do that, please contact our customer support representatives via email or phone (Contact us) and tell us about your wish. Unfortunately, no orders can be canceled after 24 hours.

It is important to provide a correct shipping address, and we recommend you to check the order form carefully before submitting it. Any errors may result in problems with delivering ordered medications. You should contact us immediately once you have found a mistake so that we could make corrections. (Contact us).

Refund Policy

The generic drugs we offer are the identically chemically as the original brand-name medicines, and we can guarantee that have the same therapeutic effect.

If you found the effect of our medications unsatisfying, please contact us and describe the problem. In this case, we will refund your purchase after receiving your medicines that you need to send to the return address that we give you.

Before returning the product, it is important to make sure in using medications according to the instructions and in the right dosage. Please, keep in mind that effects of the drug may be slowed down by alcohol or fatty food taken before using pills.

You can also contact us (Contact us) regarding a refund if you do not receive your product after the deadline (the delivery period, usually, last from 10 to 17 days plus 5 days that may be required for additional delays). In this case, we will reimburse your payment in full to your credit card. It takes from 5 to 7 working days for the refund procedure to be completed, and after this period of time, you should check your bank statement to ensure that you got your money back.

We cannot accept the return of our products even if the package has not been opened. It is impossible to guarantee that medications were transported in the required storage conditions, which is crucial to ensure their quality.

Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customer is protected on a high level. Your sensitive details will never be shared with other companies or individuals.

Furthermore, all payment transactions are conducted on the secure pages. We use 256-bit SSL encryption technology, which converts your data into unreadable text. To ensure the safety and privacy of your data, independent and trusted agencies have certified our billing servers.

Only the last 4 digits of the full number of your credit card will appear in our database, which makes it impossible even for our staff to use your financial information.


  1. Our company has no liability for any delays not exceeding 10 days after the delivery date. A deadline is considered to be the 10th day after the delivery date or the next working day in case of holidays;
  2. Our company will have no liability for problems with delivery due to providing us with a wrong address, insufficient address, or any other problems with an address that may make it impossible to deliver an ordered product;
  3. Our company has no liability for problems with delivery if Customer refuses the package, does not claim it or prevents a delivery of it in any other way. In such cases, all reships are conducted only via International Regular Mail;
  4. Our company has no liability for delivering any generic medication which does not meet the expectations of Customer by the following criteria: shape, color, and size of the pill, presence/absence of a marketing name branded upon or printed on a pill, or being produced by a manufacturer different from that expected by Customer;
    All of the information related to our generic products found on the website, including the following among others – product images, thumbnails, marketing names and manufacturer names, are there only for information purposes;
  5. Our company has no liability for inefficiency of the received medications if they were taken for off-label use;
  6. Placing an order on our website is also considered your confirmation of reading, understanding and agreeing to all the conditions of this disclaimer. Any attempts to refund your payments for any of the reasons mentioned above may be considered fraudulent activity, which may lead to a ban from our system and other legal actions.