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How Having Too Much Hair Can Cause Problems In Your Life

Everyone will always tell you they want more of something. More money. More dessert. More hair. Having more money brings in its fair share of problems. More desserts can bring on obesity and other health issues. What about having more hair?

It would seem as if you have thinning to little hair, more hair would be a blessing. However, there are those of us where having too much hair makes aspects of living a hassle. Follow along as I explain the multitude of problems with too much hair.


Stepping into the shower comes with a host of many problems. Most enjoy long relaxing showers, those of us with too much hair have come to despise them.

First, there is the issue of finding the right shampoo for our type of hair. Choose the wrong shampoo and you can end up with super volumized, frizzy hair. That is no fun for anyone!

While you are shampooing your hair, you are left with strands of stray hairs all over your body and hands. You leave behind a trail of yourself on the shower walls, shampoo bottles, and soap.

Of course, all that excess hair is going to have to go somewhere, so it ends up down the drain. At some point in time, all of that excess hair is going to build up and clog your drain up. You have one of two choices. You can call a plumber and pay the cost or do it yourself and be grossed out. You really do not want to deal with human hair that has been building up in a shower drain over time!

Time Management

One of the biggest issues of having so much hair is the time it takes to get it looking good. Most of us do not have Hollywood stylists to help us every morning and evening to look glamorous.

There is the general hassle of trying to brush your hair and deal with tangles and frizzing. This in itself can take upwards of a half hour. On the same note, I can not tell you how many hair brushes are either lost or broken while trying to brush long, unmanageable hair.

There are various hair care products that have to be applied and rubbed into the scalp. Some which actually work, while others that seem to have no purpose what so ever.

If by some chance the weather is not what you are expecting all the work could be for naught. Having too much hair leaves you more exposed to the elements. Humidity or rain can ruin all the work you put into your hair in mere moments.

Is having too much hair a real big problem in life? Probably not, but it can be a real nuisance and inconvenience. There are some good tools and products that are able to help. But there are days it seems the easiest choice is to just chop it off and send it off to locks for love.

Now, let me go fish that hair out of the shower drain!