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Everyone will always tell you they want more of something. More money. More dessert. More hair. Having more money brings in its fair share of problems. More desserts can bring on obesity and other health issues. What about having more hair?

It would seem as if you have thinning to little hair,…

There is an industry that has become extremely profitable for those that are able to run this type of business. It is called medical supply marketing. This is where you are able to acquire both new and used medical equipment and market it to medical professionals. Some of the largest companies are…

Every year millions of Americans are infected by an STD. The CDC has advised people, especially those in the most sexually active demographics, to get tested at least once a year. Whether it is for an annual check, or if there has been potential exposure, the following are the top 10 STD Testing Centers.…

Why do some people get fat and others do not? That is a difficult question with complicated answers. Of all the risk factors most people would mention in response to this question, sleep is usually overlooked, mostly because it is overshadowed by more prominent factors like exercise and eating habits.