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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there only brand-name pills on your list of medications?

All the drugs that we offer are generic.

How do brand-name medications differ from generic drugs?

There are several differences between generics and original brand-name medicines, including the color shape, name, and, of course, the price. A generic medication is usually called after its active ingredient, and a brand name is given by a manufacturer of a drug. Since a manufacturer does not have a patent for chemical agents, manufacturers of generic versions can legally create and sell them. Both brand-name medications and generics have the identical active ingredient; they provide the same effect. This means that purchasing a generic medicine allows consumers to save some money while enjoying the same high quality as if a brand-name drug was used. You should follow the instructions of your doctor to ensure the needed result.

Why do brand-name medications and generics look differently? I have received pills with another name. Why does this happen?

As you already have found out from the mentioned above information, it is legal to use a chemical agent in different medications because it is not protected by a manufacturer’s patent. This means that generics may include the same active components as the brand drug. Nevertheless, names and appearance (color and shape) of drugs are patented and considered to be the intellectual property. This means that using the name and look of the brand drugs may put a manufacturer of generic medications in danger of being accused of the copyright violations. That is why generic pills have to look in a different way.

Why are generics cheap?

Manufacturers of brand-name medicines have to cover various expenses associated with research, development, testing, and advertising of their products. It costs lots of money to obtain the approval from the FDA. Manufacturers of generics do not need to carry these expenses, which allows them to offer more attractive conditions for their products.

What is the shelf life?

The shelf life of the medications is two years. You can find the expiry date on every blister, and it may be different for different medicines due to the difference in the production date.

How is the quality of your pills ensured?

Our primary goal is to supply our customers with only high-quality medications. We know that selling drugs of poor quality will lead us to losing our customers. That is why we pay lots of attention to choosing reputable suppliers, checking the documentations thoughtfully, making sure that all the necessary tests have been conducted. All medications that we offered are produced in India, by a state licensed, and FDA approved companies.

Are there any differences between Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra?

Viagra is taken in the dosages of 50 mg or 100 mg with a glass of water one hour before sexual intercourse. Its effects last for 3-4 hours. You should avoid consuming fatty food or alcohol along with this medication. Viagra Soft is very similar to Viagra with a few differences —  it can be taken 15-20 minutes before sex, and its effects last for 6 hours. It is essential to chew it until it dissolves.

Cialis recommended dosage is 20 mg to take 30 minutes before sex with a glass of water. It will work for you within the next 36 hours. Fatty food and alcohol should be avoided. Cialis Soft starts acting in 15-20 minutes after using it and keeps working for 24-36 hours. You should chew it until it dissolves.

Levitra is also taken with water in a dosage of 20 mg 10-60 minutes before you are going to have sex. The effects of the medication will last for 12 hours. Fatty food or alcohol is not recommended.

How to Order

What do I need to purchase a medication?

We accept only orders placed on our website (not by phone or e-mail).

There are several simple steps required from you to purchase a drug:

  1. Choose the medicine you using "Buy now" button;
  2. Choose the number of drugs you need to buy;
  3. Click "Checkout;"
  4. Fill out the form with information required;
  5. Re-check the details and submit transaction;
  6. Once your order is accepted, you will see the notification. You will also receive the confirmation message via email. Make sure that you get this message because if it does not arrive within 10 minutes, you should let us know. It is possible to download this message from your account section.

Do you ask for a prescription?

There is a range of medications that we sell only with a prescription. If the law of your country prohibits purchasing certain medicines without a valid prescription, the representatives  of our support team will need to ask you to provide it, which can be done after placing your order.

Your valid prescription can be sent to email at  (please, make a scanned copy). You can send it to us within three days. Unfortunately, without it, your order will not be processed.

Consulting your doctor before placing your order is strongly recommended.

What payment methods can be used?

You can use only your credit card for payments.

Is it secure to pay using your site?

It is essential to use innovative security technology to protect sensitive data. All of your details will be entered on secure pages, which you can check easily— there should be an icon in the form of a padlock on the bottom of the window of your browser (it is available in most browsers), which means that your information is adequately protected with advanced SSL encryption technology. A secure page always have "https:" while those insecure come without the "s" like "http:"

Additionally, all of our servers are checked regularly by trusted companies like WebSafe to eliminate any risks. It is possible to browse our security certificates.

When do you get my payment?

The order procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Once you fill out all the information, you need to click the "Submit" button. This is how your details will be received by our processing center for further check. If everything is fine, your credit card is charged;
  1. Your order is processed once your payment is authorized.

Do you feature any discount offers?

Yes, we do, and you can find them here.


Where are the medications sent from?

All manufacturers of the medications that we offer are based in India, and that is why the shipment is processed from there.

Will you send my order the same day I make a purchase?

We always have enough medications in stock. Nevertheless, it may take some time to make sure that your shipping details are correct. Once after that, your product is packed and sent out. Usually, it takes up to two days for your medication to be sent.

Can you deliver medications to my area?

We arrange shipment to different parts of the world, except for some Asian countries.

What packages are used?

We highly respect the privacy of our customers. That is why your medications will be packed in a discrete envelope, which means that nobody except for you will know what is inside of it. You will find your package in your mailbox.

Do I have to sign for the delivery?

No sign for your package is required on condition that your order is delivered by Standard Mail.

What are shipping methods available? When will I receive my order?

Currently, we offer two main shipping methods:

  1. Express International Mail*: track your package using the tracking number. You will get it from the service provider after your medications are shipped. In order to find it, you should check your account section. You should note, however, that you may not be able to find any tracking numbers. In all cases, the delivery time will be the same. No track numbers are  usually provided for orders sent to some European countries or Canada. It takes 5-9 days for your package to be delivered. Rates are $30, and tracking is available;
  2. Standard International Airmail: there is no option of tracking your package if it is sent by this delivery service. It takes 10-21 days for your medications to be delivered. Rates are $10, and no tracking is available.

* Your order cannot be sent by this service provider if you provide us with UPS store, PO box, Poste restante, General delivery, APO/FPO, educational facility or hotel in your shipping details or if your phone number appeared to be wrong.

We may not be able to use the Standard airmail service for delivering some brand products. They will be sent only by Express International Mail.

We usually estimate the delivery time correctly, but we cannot guarantee it due to the possible risk of various force majeure events, including the following:

  • The customs inspections;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Mail disruptions during national holidays  like Christmas;
  • Strikes;
  • Other events that may affect the mailing process.

What do I do in case if the package is broken or medications are missing?

You should contact our representatives and tell them about the problem. We will either refund your payment or resend the package. More information is available in our Policies.

You will receive several packages if your order includes 90+ pills.

What the shipping rates do you have?

The shipping rates depend on different factors, including the shipping method, place of destination, and the number of medications. You can find out the shipping cost by adding needed medicines to the shopping cart and proceeding to checkout.

Can my medications be delayed at customs?

It is possible, but we always inform our customer about such events. You may be asked to come to give permission to check the package. After that, you should obtain your medications. If you encounter any difficulties with receiving your drugs, you should contact us immediately so that we could help you out with that.

How much does the reshipment of the product cost?

All reshipments are conducted free of charges.

Managing Orders

How to find the status of my order?

The following are two ways that you can use:

  • By contacting our representatives (click “Contact Us”);
  • By checking the status on the website.

The following information can be found in your account section:

  • The date of dispatch and the delivery;
  • The status of your order;
  • Your bonus;
  • The tracking number (if Express International Mail is used).

You can access your account section by entering the following information:

  • The order number;
  • Your email address;
  • The verification code.

How do I cancel my order?

Information about that is provided in our Reimbursements & Returns Policy.

My order has not been shipped out yet, and I need to change my shipping details. Can I do that?

You should enter your account section and leave us a message to change the needed details or cancel the order.

Business Opportunities

Can I become your supplier?

We will be happy to become your business partner. You should send all the details to our email address. Please note that it is essential to have the quality certificates of your products that match our requirements.