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Comprehensive Information on Cialis (Tadalafil)

Cialis is the brand name of the FDA approved drug tadalafil. As Cialis, it is used in treating erectile dysfunction (ED) in men; as Adcirca, tadalafil is used in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension. Cialis belongs to a class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. They stop the degenerative attack by cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) on proteins lining the smooth muscles in the penis.

Generic drugs are exact copies of branded drugs approved by the FDA which are manufactured by companies other than the one that had the drug patented and sold under its name. Such drugs are sold cheaper than their branded counterparts since they aren't completely developed from scratch and the cost of bringing them to the market is lower.cialis

Read on to find out more about this drug and its uses, discovery, manufacturing process, and side effects.

Common uses

On sexual arousal, the penis’s nervous tissues release Nitric 0xide (NO) and due to this, an enzyme producing a messenger called cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) is stimulated. cGMP has a relaxing effect on the muscles and blood vessels of the penis, allowing the blood to flow into the penis easily. In men with erectile dysfunction, PDE5 is in higher concentrations and performs a degenerative action on cGMP messenger, reducing blood flow to the penis. Cialis, as well as other PDE5 inhibitors, come in the way of this degenerative action.

Cialis has another common use as well: treating the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It is a non-cancerous increase in the size of the prostate. Large nodules form in the transition zone of the urethra putting pressure on it. This leads to obstruction in urine flowing from the bladder, causing urination difficulty and an added urge to pass more urine at night. It is very common among men older than 50, nearly 45% develop BPH and 75% have it by the time they are 80. In 2008, the FDA approved the use of Cialis for BPH which was reported to be occurring along with ED in some men. Clinical trials have shown significant reduction in BPH symptoms as a result of Cialis treatment.


Cialis was discovered during a joint venture between GlaxoSmithKline (then Glaxo Wellcome) and ICOS in 1991. Further study was done by ICOS on a compound named IC351, a PDE5 inhibitor. In 1994, Pfizer accidently discovered that sildenafil, another PDE5 inhibitor, caused penile erection in clinical subjects undergoing tests for heart ailments. Seeing this, ICOS scientists tried using IC351 to treat ED. In 1996, ICOS’s contract with Glaxo lapsed and in 2000, Lilly ICOS LLC (joint venture between ICOS and Eli Lilly & Company) filed for FDA approval for IC351 under the name tadalafil. 3 years later, they were granted approval and began selling it under the brand name Cialis. The advantage Cialis has had over Viagra and Levitra is its highly increased half-life. Cialis’s half-life is roughly 17.5 hours compared to Viagra and Levitra's 4-5 hours.

Side effects and precautions

Side effects experienced while taking Cialis include headaches, back pain, muscle pain, flushing, runny nose, stomach ache, acid reflux, and burping. The side effects are mainly due to the vasodilation caused by Cialis. Most of the unwanted reactions usually go away in a few hours whereas muscular pain might reduce after 12 to 24 hours. In case the pain persists, patients should immediately discontinue taking Cialis and contact their doctor promptly.

Other rare cases of partial hearing and vision impairment were reported. Due to this, the FDA has directed the manufacturer to issue statutory warnings on the packaging as a precautionary measure.

A single, isolated case of a man having consumed Cialis with a prolonged erection (priapism) was reported in 2005. The patient did not have any other contributing signs of priapism and the erection was relieved after caverno-spongiosal shunting. In case of an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, medical help should be sought immediately to prevent permanent damage to penile tissue.

up-arrowSince Cialis has a transient effect on blood pressure, it is imperative that we know about dangerous interactions the drug can have with other medications. Organic nitrates and nitrites should not be consumed within 48 hours of consuming Cialis as this could lead to life-threatening hypotension (extremely low blood pressure). If patients with angina are unable to take organic nitrates since they have consumed Cialis and experience chest pain, doctors should be contacted at once. In the event of an emergency, medical personnel must be made aware of the consumption of Cialis as it could prove vital to saving the patient's life.

Doctors should be informed of other medications such as antibiotics, hypertension medicines, HIV meds, and other ED tablets before starting to take Cialis. Other medical conditions (especially heart ailments) and allergies must also be discussed with the doctor.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition that all men are afraid of. It basically makes a man unable to engage in sexual activities because it prevents him from achieving an erection, or even if he does achieve it, it does not last long enough to complete sexual intercourse.

tadalista Fortunately, modern medicine has succeeded in deciphering the causes of ED and has also come up with more than a few medical products that can combat the condition and block its symptoms, at least temporarily for the time being.

Viagra is, undoubtedly, the most widespread of all ED drugs simply because it was the first one that was developed, thus receiving huge media coverage. However, there are also others, that may not be as well known but are definitely equally effective. One of them is Tadalista, a generic Cialis product that is famous for its duration since, according to the manufacturers, it can last for 36 hours after consumption. Before analyzing the drug itself, it is important to mention a few things about the manufacturer of this particular version of generic Cialis.

What is Dadha Pharma Ltd?

Surprising-Causes-for-Your-Erectile-Dysfunction Dadha Pharma Limited is a pharmaceutical corporation that currently has more than 80 years of operation. It was founded in 1935 by the forefathers of the current Senior Director, Mohanchad Dadha. Aside from Tadalista, the corporation produces a variety of medicines including other ED drugs such as:

Filagra - Its active ingredient is sildenafil citrate and it comes in dosages of 25, 50 and 100 mg. So the drug is an utter equivalent of famous Viagra.

Filitra - It contains vardenafil – another PDE5 inhibitor – as its active ingredient. This drug comes in dosages of 20 mg.

Super Filagra - Containing two different active ingredients, dapoxetine and sildenafil citrate, this drug can also effectively treat premature ejaculation (PE) in addition to ED.

The biggest proof of not only the success but also the future potential of Dadha Pharma Ltd is the interest shown by the multinational pharmaceutical giant Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited. In 1997, it acquired Dadha Pharma, expanding the collection of top notch companies it possesses.

Tadalista as generic Cialis

The active ingredient in Tadalista is tadalafil, a chemical substance that can block the symptoms of ED. Currently, there is only one approved tadalafil-based drug for ED – Cialis; so all the others, even branded ones, are commonly referred to as generic Cialis.

Under normal circumstances, an erection is achieved in the following way:

After a man is stimulated sexually, his body produces certain quantities of nitric oxide which then forms bonds with guanylate cyclase receptors. This bonding increases the concentration levels of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) leading to an elevated blood flow in the area of the penis. After these steps are completed, the man gets an erection and is ready to engage in sexual intercourse without any problems.

However, when suffering from ED, the cGMP levels cannot increase because of the existence of cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5, known as PDE5. This substance prevents cGMP from accumulating, thus making an erection impossible to happen. So, all that is required is a way to block the action of PDE5, and this is exactly what Tadalista does. Through various chemical reactions, it stops the action of PDE5 (that’s why the name PDE5 inhibitor is given to its active ingredient) making the user able to achieve an erection and have sex.

Unfortunately, there are certain groups of men that are not recommended to use not only Tadalista but every ED drug in general. Suffering from one or more of the following conditions requires professional medical advice before using any PDE5 inhibitor as an ED treatment:

  • High or low blood pressure
  • Any eye condition (especially ones caused by irregular blood flow)
  • Kidney or liver issues
  • Recent stroke
  • Blood clotting problems
  • Heart disease including an irregular heartbeat.

There are also some documented side effects associated with tadalafil that may vary from one man to another. Knowing about them should not be considered as a reason to stay away from the drug, but instead, as an opportunity to be prepared for a possible adverse effect that might manifest after taking the drug. The best way to be sure that the drug is absolutely safe for you is to consult your doctor, who will let you know what the most probable side effects will be in your particular case according to your medical history.